General Information

Association Stowarzyszenie Dobrych Inicjatyw “Pro Missio” was established in 2016.
We are active in Poland, but we carry out many projects all over the world.
The most important aim of the association is to support all initiatives of being charitable,
missionary, educational and social.
Our mission is to reinforce the noble activity of all who genuinely create places and structures
of goodness. We have developed a partner network and in cooperation with them we organise
big charitable and educational projects.
An important feature of our undertaking is to promote and support actions of protecting the
Our Main Partners being direct and indirect through our organizational Partner:

  • The Catholic Church with its structures (we collaborate with 34 dioceses in Poland, so
    about 7.000 parishes),
  • Public Schools in the Republic of Poland (we collaborate with 3.000 schools in
  • Volunteer Fire Departments. We have good cooperation with VFD of the whole
    eastern Poland – 5 biggest voivodeships have signed an agreement about cooperation.
    It means about 5.000 local units being active in VFD structures.

Our activity has been supported by many Institutions and Companies (…)

The organisational and logistical background of the association is the company Green Office
Ecologic Sp. z o.o., the leader in collecting and processing of waste electrical equipment in

We achieve our objectives by providing direct financial and material support to people
affected by extreme poverty or the consequences of natural disasters outside Poland.

We reach the poorest regions of the world (Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Belarus), but we have
experience in organising help in Africa (Kenya, Cameroon, Ivory Coast (cooperation with
Orionine Sisters) and in South America (Bolivia, Peru).
Together with Missionaries, Nuns and Lay Volunteers and all people of good will we achieve
our goals (a great help are structures of the Catholic Church there).

Our Association is involved in projects related to the construction of medical, educational and
social facilities, using all available methods that contribute to improving the quality of life in
the poorest regions of the world. One of the most important objectives is to support
educational activities. That’s why we have supported the Project of Building a School in
Kenya in collaboration with the God’s Atelier Foundation.

The activity of “Pro Missio” from Poland for the Church in Eastern Ukraine has recently
developed very dynamically. Our partner is the Aid Team of the Church in the East of the
Polish Episcopate, headed by Bishop Antoni Dydycz.

The spiritual closeness to our countrymen allows us a better understanding their needs.
In Eastern Europe, the charitable help of priests, sisters and lay volunteers has been
appreciated. We use the existing structures of the Catholic Church, as well as the Greek
Catholic Church, which has the largest structures in Ukraine. We do not limit ourselves to the above mentioned people, our help is being used by others (everyone who is in a difficult
situation, in danger and asks for help).

We are currently organising with our partner in Poland, Green Office Ecologic, a material and
financial fundraising to help Ukrainian citizens.
Our partner ‘Green Office Ecologic’ has extensive logistical and human resources which
enable us to deliver material aid to places where such assistance is needed.